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09 - 23 - 2016

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With the second song off of her “For The Woke” EP, NYC artist Theresa Sophia is out with her new song “My Team”.

Theresa Sophia is new on the block. Hailing from Massachusetts, she is a poet/rapper that has a lot to say. Not to mention, she composes most, if not all, of her lyrics on her own. This five track EP features dope songs, and crazy production. With just one EP under her belt, Theresa Sophia is barely getting her feet wet. Alphonse delivers a trap inspired flow with lyrics to match. She’s definitely out here to grind.

“My Team” features production by Art Vandelay, laying down the bass and atmosphere for the song. In all, the video shows Sophia and her team wild-ing out. There are on a bus, sipping champagne, riding around with nothing but good vibes. Everyone is fresh from head to toe, with cool shades and trendy outfits. Next, they end up at the courts, continuing their mission. Accompanying her flow is artist Sicnarf.

Sicnarf appearS on the For The Woke EP.


It won’t be a surprise if you start grooving while listening to this track. Matter of fact, it’ll probably make you do more, like shaking your head like Waka. At the end of the video, the music is off and Alphonse and her crew go a capella while dancing, turning up, and more vibes.

Theresa is just getting started, and she’s heading on a good path, music wise. We know that this won’t be the last that we hear from this artist. Make sure you stay on the look out for Theresa Sophia. Check out her Soundcloud, and follow her Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to check out “My Team”.

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