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10 - 27 - 2016

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VonteOfNeWeRa is an emerging rap artist from Valdosta Georgia.

The successful lyricist has released a plethora of popular mixtapes with his counterpart C.Venus

The last body of work we heard from him was Rare Nude Lesbian Rabbits in 2014.

Today the Southern spitter is gearing up to release another solo project titled “Beyond Infinity” with “Practice Drills” as the first single.

As you take a listen, it’s evident the track is filled with gems of truth.

“I speak the truth as they have me killed, I rap to live. Not as a thrill, this my soul, this all I have to give.”


“Plan, stack, plot, map and build. Life’s a game but the graphics real.” raps Vonte. The truthful lyrics can resonate with anyone coming up on their journey and aiming for big goals.

Like Drake said on “Show Me A Good Time,” Sports and music is so synonymous, we want to be them, they want to be us.

Hip-hop, life and sports can be easily tied together because at the end of the day, the characteristics are similar and relatable.

Vonte told CAQ that “Practice Drills” was inspired by “being in the middle of the struggle.” When he lived in Atlanta, his gas was off in the cold winter time. When writing the song, he had a plan to “Stack money and a blueprint to build” his way out that situation.

The song comes from a true place and reminded him of his plan and destiny through the rough times.

Check out the lyrics video below:

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all