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05 - 12 - 2017

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The UK based record label Orphan No More has been releasing heartfelt music from a plethora of their artists. For artist Rachel Jane, she’s now coming to light with her new stunning track “Waiting For A Change”. The track also includes visual art, featuring none other than Jane and her dynamic vocals.

At just twenty-one, Jane has already made way for herself. Not only as a singer/songwriter, but she now can add producing to her repertoire. Her music has a tendency to carry messages of courage and strength, leaving listeners with a sense of empowerment and comfort.

“Waiting For A Change” is the songstress’s way of expressing her frustration with how the world moves today. Not only wishing for a time where she can experience no restrictions but wishing the same for everyone around her. In the video, we see our angelic artist in a solo moment, singing at us with her mythical vocals. Jane’s attire in the video is pretty free as well, giving off vintage vibes with her black and white fur coat and hippy-like hair.

Jane gave us a little more insight on what she felt while making her record. “This song came out of a season where I learned that even when you feel so ready to do all that you feel born to do, it’s not necessarily going to happen when you want it to. This song is for anyone needing encouragement in a time of waiting and growing in patience. Keeping holding on and pressing in, a breakthrough can happen in a moment.”

It’s no surprise that the songstress has gotten recognition for the work she’s done already. This summer, you can catch Jane at the Big Church Day Out and 2000 Trees Festivals in the UK. Following that will be the release of her EP “The Mountain” where we’ll get more of Jane’s empathetic and encouraging messages. Until then, enjoy “Waiting For A Change” here.

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