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11 - 03 - 2016

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“Warm” Becky Hill’s New Hit.

Becky Hill did not waste time debuting recent release “Warm.”

The song comes after a few months from her other hit “Back to My Love”.  She keeps up her fun and funky tempo beat with this new single.

“Warm” gives us that cheerful beat, but this song is on another level from her previous hit “Back to My Love.” Becky’s style is different from any artist that I have heard. Her raspy voice sticks out to me along with this funky beat. This song really shows how great the chemistry is with her producer Shift K3Y.   The words in the chorus “behind grey clouds is blue skies and sunrise”, this for me is my favorite line in the song. We all know what this line means in any situation.

The song describes to me what it feels like when you haven’t talked to a certain person and  your sun isn’t shining anymore, but you know that the sun is behind the grey clouds.  Although the grey clouds are hovering you still are trying to get back to that feeling of complete happiness or the “warmth”. This is just an interpretation of what I think this song “Warm” means. We know that most of what Becky Hill releases is mostly in reference to her music and maybe “Warm” is just another analogy for what Becky loves the most, and that is music.

I can truly say that I really enjoy the feel of this record, the up-tempo beat, and the chorus especially. This artist is someone who I will  definitely add  to my collection of artist that truly delivers. I feel like this is just a tease for something more and something greater that is coming from this artist.

I am looking forward to more songs/albums from you, Ms. Becky Hill.

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