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07 - 24 - 2016

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IOU, Saturn Alexander’s debut mixtape, is an underground classic that is definitely worth listening to.

Alexander, a New Jersey native, promises to be one of Hip Hop’s premier female rappers.

Her sound goes well with her production, a mix of r&b and 90’s jazz & tempo.

Alexander has a rare voice, a mix of consciousness and savvy, but still speaking her mind.

Take the song 94-95 for example, which showcases her lyrical prowess but takes us on a trip through our childhood.

PrettyPink shows the audience her wordplay, lyrical style, and that she can go head to head with any male rapper in the game.

Perhaps the best track is the last one on the mixtape, which in untitled. But don’t get it twisted, she destroys the track with justice.

Even though Saturn Alexander is one of Hip Hop’s newest female spitters, she spits like a veteran that’s been in for 20 years.

Saturn Alexander is the type of female MC that Hip Hop needs. She has a sound of her own and is lyrically gifted.

But most of all, she raps with a purpose, speaking her mind and is conscious savvy.

IOU is a good mixtape for a bunch of reasons. One, is that all 7 tracks show what who Alexander is and what she brings.

Second, her style is what hip hop needs, in this day of constant trap music that makes hip hop boring, she brings something different.

And third, she is a female MC in a game dominated by males, and the fact that she has her own style is what makes her great.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all