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07 - 27 - 2017

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Sarob’s latest release, White Moon, is a revelation. Sarob’s voice sounds like hot R&B molasses, heating up and encompassing the track.

The song is like a liquid, in a phase where it can fill and expand to the shape of its container. White Moon shifts and changes throughout the track, as it embraces elements of R&B, rap, and a fusion of the two. Additionally, the song comes to a denouement just before the end. This teases the listener and offers a surprise when Sarob comes in again with a nice final stream of lines. White Moon has elements of neo-soul, as it reintroduces modern listeners to classic elements of R&B flavor. Sarob sounds like a D’Angelo for the new millennium. At the same time, he brings his unique vision, introducing biting rap lines that are the perfect juxtaposition to soulful vocals. In this way, Sarob creates a dynamic track.

White Moon is a track that shows artistic pain and process. This allows us to see into the mind and soul of Sarob. The interpersonal bond between artist and listener is the foundation of all great music. Additionally, Sarob commented on his track, “White Moon is about coming into my own as a man; yet, while I’m making these strides in my life, I’m dealing with the deep pain of missing someone I love. This is a central theme to my EP as a whole: things aren’t really what they seem. It’s threaded through different topics, for example, love, race relations, the music industry and adulthood”. These sentiments are clearly expressed throughout the track, as he mentions friends, lovers, and selfhood. Additionally, Sarob’s production of the track is beautifully done, which enhances his vocals, instrumentals, and melody. White Moon comes off Sarob’s upcoming project, Seeing in the Dark. I’m ready to see what soulful melodies come next.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all