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02 - 18 - 2016

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For those who aren’t familiar, Who is William Bolton?

I’m 20 years old. I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I currently go to school at Boston, College. I’m an artist/producer/songwriter. I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 10. I’ve been releasing and making music for a while.

Which passion of yours happened first?

Guitar happened first, then I learned piano, drums, and bass as well. From there songwriting with my guitar and then I got into making beats so It kinda came full circle.

Being from Motown, who can you say are some of your influences?

Being from Detroit, I’m really inspired by Motown Soul music and all Soul Music. Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder. Growing up I always heard all these soul songs on the radio and movies etc. Actually in high school I was put on to a guy named Mayer Hawthorne. His first album was completely old soul music, it sounded like it could have been recorded in the 60s/70s. It was exactly what old soul sounded like. It’s funny how I was introduced to something new that got me into my roots/older stuff. That was in high school when I started listening to a lot of soul music. My other early influences are Radiohead and Ratatat, and Kid Cudi. His first mixtape came out when I was in high school. My brother would always play Kid Cudi mixtape, and all his favorite Radiohead CDs and that really influenced me musically from an early stage.

How would you label your sound?

Sometimes I call it Soul music, sometimes I call it Soul-Pop. Listening to the sound that I’ve been cultivating right now, I use hip-hop drums and I sample like hip-hop beats do but in a reference I sing over it with a soulful feel. What I’ve been calling it lately is The New Motown. Motown Records moved from Detroit to Los Angeles in 1972. I kind of see my sound like that. Detroit soul moving to LA. It’s kind of my dream to move to LA once I’m done with school. It’s combination of soul, funk, Rock & Hip-Hop. A blend of everything I Like. I try to incorporate a lot of different elements.

Whats is Times New Roman?

Times New Romans was actually my old artist name. One day when I was writing an english paper in high school, I was like you know what “Times New Roman.”  That’s what I’m tryna do; Make new music but in a very classic way. Like Romans are the classics of civilization, so I kind of identified with it right away. Now a days Times New Roman is just my producer name. I changed from Times New Roman to William Bolton because I was getting older and I came into my own identity. I feel like William Bolton is a stronger name than William Bolton.

What’s your major in school?

I’m studying Marketing & Philosophy right now.

What are some of your personal favorite songs that you’ve written?

My favorite songs haven’t been released yet, thats the coolest part. A lot of artists say this but as you grow and progress, you really do see yourself getting better and growing as an artist so yeah my favorite songs are the ones that haven’t came out yet. As far as Summer Breeze, they’re all favorites that are all favorites for different reasons. On “Summer Breeze” my friend who also went to DC, came over this one day and he made the drums and had the sample but he didn’t have it chopped up so I chopped up the sample, put the guitar on and it was like magic. In the song I was like “Chillin’ all day, smoking and all niggght” Its funny because I let this song sit for months, I didn’t even write the verses until June, I made the beat in February. It’s just funny how that shit kind of work. Heart & Soul was also a very special song for me because it  was a true story of a breakup I went through with this girl and I feel like that song is truly a SOUL song.

Do you have new material you’re working on?

Yes, I got some crazy music videos under my belt. My new project is called “Love Supreme” and I’m not sure if it’s an album or an EP yet but its got a great sound. Summer Breeze is like the sunlight/summer’s Days. Love Supreme is like summer’s Night, like the moonlight. I’ve never been more excited about music that I’ve made. I’m still working on a lot of tracks but it’s slowly coming together.

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