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04 - 29 - 2019

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Songs like Alicia Grace’s Wonderland are paving the way for the future of R&B music. She synthesizes electronic beats over entirely unique vocals. 

Her voice drops in and it’s like the air between water when it’s just begun to rain: the energy of phase change is palpable. Wonderland starts with synthesizers functioning as the driving bass for the track. Played by Stevey Reid, they become the beat that sets the perfect tone for Grace’s dreamy lyrics. It’s as if she’s Alice, taking us through her own wonderland, something entirely new to our ears. However, much like the story, this magical land has its dangers. She sings: “All that glitters ain’t gold, roses bloom with thorns in graveyards”. Things may appear beautiful from far away, but up close their value is false—their beauty can cause pain. 

Wonderland is Grace’s second release following her 2018 debut, Rain. Wonderland has a similar message to Rain, but the electronic beats give it a more futuristic and upbeat feel. It sounds like her sound has evolved; it maintains her signature, but the handwriting has changed. The lyrics tell of her path to growth: “All around me I see pieces falling transforming my way”. As we grow the world moves to unexpectedly around us, and learning how to follow the ever-changing path is daunting, but exciting.

Grace is a 20-year-old UK-based alternative R&B singer-songwriter. Born in Winchester, UK, at age 16 she moved to London to study music. She says of her music: “My upcoming music has been written from a real place of honesty and truth and this has turned out to be a very healing experience for me. My only wish is to inspire and connect with people and if I can achieve this I am more than content”

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all