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09 - 21 - 2016

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One half of hip-hop duo Streetz-N-Young Deuces releases a spoken word piece “Fight!”  on the topic of police brutality in America.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, first cousins Streez and Young Deuces knew that they were meant to be on the mic with each other. They advanced in their career once their mixtape “We Want In Vol.2” sold more than 15,000 tapes.

Recently, Milwaukee faced an incident leading to wrongful death. This summer Jay Anderson, a black man, was shot by a police officer while sleeping in his car at night. We hear a new name added to the list of many innocent unarmed black people who have wrongfully been killed by the hands of a police officer. The cop that shot Anderson was not convicted. He also released a public statement that “The officer feared for his life” when the shooting took place. Not even half of the handful cases against police brutality have ruled in a conviction by the police officer.

As the epidemic of police brutality continues to rise, many people have expressed their emotions through ways of protesting, art, and platforms.  Young Deuces uses his creative writing and word play to speak for his thoughts centered around black lives and their representation in America thus far.

“Fight!”  is Young Deuces saying that he is sadden by the news, and wants change. “Fight!” directed by Von Harris Productions, features Deuces in downtown Milwaukee freely speaking.  In a little over 3 minutes, Young Deuces tallies up his thoughts into a spoken word on the frustration he feels in today’s society. “Frustrated that my skin makes me a liable suspect”, the emcee says.  Young Deuces doesn’t stop their either. One minute into the piece, you’re left feeling every penetrating rhyme scheme. “All Lives Matter but Black Lives are taking the heat”  Deuces explains the misconception of the Black Lives Matter movement. To end the piece, Deuces further explains “Fight!” as not the physical, but a way to help. “Think fight, not with guns but with a clear way to speak”.

The whole poem was great from start to finish. To experience this feeling and more, make sure you go out and give this video a watch. You can also keep up with Young Deuces on his Instagram and Twitter.


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